Makeup Mistakes that Could ruin your Face

Nowadays everyone can wear makeup, and yes that includes men. Makeup can be more than just for aesthetical values; they can also be used for movies, cosplay, events, or even Halloween party. If you’re a regular makeup user, you might want to read this article, because we’re going to discuss several makeup mistakes that could damage your face. The problems might range from skin irritation, acne, and many more, so make sure that you always use makeup that is trusted, with a lot of reviews on the internet.

Acne from using the wrong foundationpimples

Foundations are great, they are the base of the makeup, as we start with foundation first. But specific foundation can cause acne on the face, which is called acne cosmetica, symptoms are redness on the cheek, forehead, and bumps on the chin. If your skin is acne-prone sensitive skin, make sure to pick a sheer, water-based, noncomedogenic product. Another tip is to apply the foundation on your hand first and leave it for a few minutes, and if it feels like it’s stinging or itchy, then the foundation doesn’t match with your skin type.

Not washing your makeup

beautifulWe get it, after a long day of work or an event, it can be quite a hassle to wash your makeup, especially if you’re already too tired. But trust this on us, you have to force yourself to clean the makeup form your face, especially if you’re using a lot of makeup on your face. The reason is that the makeup will clog your pores which will cause acne, and also create early-aging if you don’t wash your face before you go to bed.

Tip: alcohol-based makeup remover can be quite harmful to the skin, especially if your skin is sensitive, so opt for a liquid or cream cleansers for your face, and make sure to scrub gently.

Sharing your makeup

Sometimes there’s a case where your friend forgot to bring their mascara, and you might be thinking to be a nice person and lent yours instead, but don’t. Just like your toothbrush, sharing your cosmetics means that you’re sharing your bacteria with your friend, while also getting a new bacteria from your friend. So keep your cosmetics to yourself, and you’re free from any bacteria on your face.

Tip: even when using different applicators, the bacteria is still transferred over to your brushes so refrain from sharing your make up.